Im building an application that uses Windows Media Player. Im adding my own controls to it but i was a repeat button. can someone help me with the code for this

Re: Visual Basic Express Edition Windows Media repeat

Bruno Yu - MSFT


This is a predefined BUTTON with the following default values.

onclick="jscriptStick out tonguelayer.settings.setMode('loop',down);"

upToolTip="Turn Repeat On"

downToolTip="Turn Repeat Off"

down="wmppropStick out tonguelayer.settings.getMode('loop')"



This creates a BUTTON control that toggles Repeat on and off. The ToolTips are localized. All properties of this BUTTON can be overridden by explicitly specifying them.

There is also an example on this question in code project. Please take a look at the following article:

A Simple Auto Repeat Button on VB.NET


I found your same question in another thread. I will delete that thread in order to get your replies as answers clearly. Thank you for posting your questions here!