1. Is a c# library a dll
  2. To call it must use : "using mylibrary ;" does the IDE know all my library location
  3. Can I use a C++ dll or any other languageĦ­.how to call it
  4. Do you have some advices on how to build a library


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Too complicated question...

c# lib are Dll(s) ... just like MFC Lib....

no IDE do not know all your dll locations.... you need to add reference of your dll in project or install your dlls in GAC or add your dll path in default dll location of IDE (goo it n you will find the ans of how to for 3rd option)

Cpp dll should be COM component if you want to consume it from C# or VB.NET code....

my advice is, since you looks like a cpp programmer, use VCPP.NET ....its complicated for most of us but not for those came from cpp background....

VCPP.nET alllow mixing legacy and .NET cpp code

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You can create a "Class Library" project that will compile into a DLL.

The "using" statement just makes coding cleaner than full specification. In your project that wants to "use" your library you will however want to add your DLL as a "reference".

Yes, it is a bit of a pain but you can call unmanaged DLLs from C#. Search for PInvoke

Start simple. Create a few practical examples.

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Timo S

3) You can use DllImport to do that. Check this Platform Invoke tutorial in MSDN

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good advice , thaks all

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I'm using this thread to ask a different question but somehow related . It's a basic question ...

I'm using Visual Studio 2005 and writing in VB.Net.

I'd like to write a library of routines that I can IMPORTS (Using) into my or others applications in my organization. This means that I have to compile and distribute it separately from the applications themselves. It should look like the external references that I use. What kind of Project should it be and how is the deployment of such a library

Thanks much,