As you will realize very soon I am no expert:) I am just trying to learn. Anyways, I downloaded visual basic web dev express... I got a question.

1. I am not really sure what asp really means and why do I needed it

2. Do I need a asp server to upload my website once is done 3

3. did I become a server when I intalled the program in my computer

I told you I did not know anything;)

Anyways I kind of get scared when I hear the video of how do I do that and it tells me that I got a port open but don't worry because is a different one each time and that protects me.

Question number 4 can I use this as a regular html, css, bla bla editor or would I be working twice as hard

I really like to know if I use this do I have to have a new server of can I use the one I already have Thanks.

Re: Visual Basic Express Edition server, asp


For asp questions please use