When I run Visual Web Developer I get the following error: "Package 'Visual Studio HTM Editor Package' has failed to load properly ( GUID = " yadda yadda.

Ok, without the HTM Editor this package is useless. I had it installed and working. Now it quit. I used the MS visual studio uninstall app and it took it off my machne. I then reinstalled. When I try to open a web site, I get the errror still. Nothing is fixed.

If I can't get the HTM Editor package working, then MS Express is useless and I will move on to other products from other companies. I am willing to attempt this again if I can get competent help with this isue, but I need help to fix this, not just shoot in the dark hoping. I don't mean to sound so cold, but I really need to move forward with development and this downtime is hurting.

Thanks for any support


Re: Installing and Registering Visual Studio Express Editions HTM Editor Package failed

Glenn Wilson

Are you opening an existing project... if so does it provide the same error when you start a brand new project.

Re: Installing and Registering Visual Studio Express Editions HTM Editor Package failed

Ji Cheng Wang - MSFT


Don't worry about 'Visual Studio HTML Editor Package' failed to load. I will try my best to help you.

For your concern, I'd like to suggest you to download VWD 2005 Express from this website - and try to repair it in your PC.

If this doesn't work for you, try to uninstall VWD 2005 Express from your PC and reboot it. Then try to reinstall VWD 2005 Express. Before installing, you must uninstall any previous Beta, CTP or Tech Preview versions of SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005, and the .NET Framework 2.0.

Good luck!

If you get any issues when trying my suggestions, please post back to me. Thanks.


Edit Comments: I will mark this thread as an answer on the assumption that you have resolved HTML Editor Package loading failure issue. If you still have the same issue after reinstalling VWD 2005 Express on your side, try to unmark it and post back to me. Thanks.