I am trying to write a Script Bible full of HTML codes and tutorials

Now , I want people to be able to use this offline

Is it best to use a file system or an my sql database.

I want to use pictures in my tutorials, should i use a webbrowser to display the tutorials.

What shall i use to allow users to easily navigate to my scripts and tutorials.

Can anyone send me some scripts, give me advice etc.


Re: Visual Basic Express Edition Script Bible


Rite, Some more info

In my form I have A list Box and a web Browser

I also have a database With a table containing

An "ID" Collum . A "Name" Collum , And a "Data" Collum

What i want is all the items in the database "Name" to be displayed as singles items in my List box. And Then Whenever one of these Items is clicked The "Data" For that "Name"/Set is displayed in the web Browser As a HTML files stored localy.

Please Help!!!! This reaaly Means alot to me..

If anyone wants my email address to talk me through and send me some samples please post and ask