I was wondering if someone could help with this. I'm trying to do the activity on this page:

I have all of the equipment set up properly and I followed all of the steps *very* closely. So at the end to test it, I ran the program in the Basic Stamp2 first, then I ran the Visual basic express program but I get this exception error:

Next, I tried running the visual studio program first then the Basic stamp, but when I tried to run the Basic stamp program, it said "No Basic stamp found."

The Basic stamp program works fine if I just run it alone, it shows the debug window with the sensors working correctly. I'm the administrator of this computer so I should be able to have access to all the ports correct So why does visual studio say that access to COM4 is denied I'm using visual basic express 2005 edition so do I need another version of visual basics

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Edit1: Even though the port given in the tutorial shows COM5, mine is COM4 because I compared his debug window and my debug window. I also went to Device Manager> Ports(COM & LPT)> usb(COM4) to verify if I'm using the right port.

Re: Visual Basic Express Edition How to fix this exception: "Access to COM4 is denied"


Be sure to exit any of the Basic Stamp development tools. They would have the COM port opened, blocking you.