Shawn T524

I am using Visual Studio Web Developer 2005 Express and SQL Server 2005

Using the log in controls I have created a log in page, using the web site administration tool I added a few test usernames and passwords, and so far everyhing works fine.

My problem is that I have a table with usernames and descriptions of events and I want the user to just see the events relevant to that user.

username date description

client1 7/1/2007 phone call to client

client2 7/1/2007 phone call

client1 7/2/2007 research

client2 7/2/2007 prepared letter

I placed a gridview on the page. On the Gridview tasks I configured the database connection and tried to configure the select statement. If I use

SELECT [UserName], [Date], [Description] FROM [Slips]

then the user sees all the entires, so I am trying to add a proper WHERE portion. If I use the Select Configuration tool where

Column is UserName

Operator is = and

Source is Session; and I put UserName in the Session Field of the Parameter properties it creates a Select Statement that returns no results. I am sure it is because I am not properly testing it agaist the username the user is logged in with. I don't know if Session is the right source or what the username variable is. Any help would be apprecitated.

Re: Visual Basic Express Edition Problem with Select Statment WHERE UserName = (user log in name?)


If you're using SQLServer Add the where clause below and you can refer to UserName in the paramters collection:
WHERE UserName = @UserName

I'm not clear on what 'Session' is

Re: Visual Basic Express Edition Problem with Select Statment WHERE UserName = (user log in name?)

Shawn T524

I am using SQLServer. WHERE UserName = @UserName is what the Select statement configuration came up with, but for some reason @UserName did not seem to have the users login name in it.

When configuring the select statement it asks for the parameter type and I was guessing that the type was the Session variable associated with the web browser.

I realize now I should have posted this in the forms for visual studio web developer edition.

I looked there and found this post that helped me get it to work.

Thank you for the help though!