In my solution, I got this error when I created a Project which should be a sort of menu, from where to start several other projects.

What is this error Where does it come from


Re: Visual Basic Express Edition Can't find file 'Microsoft.Windows.CommonLanguageRuntime, Version=2.0.50727.0'

Bruno Yu - MSFT


This problem has been solved in another thread. Please read the following content from the previous post that solve this problem:

After 2 days of reducing my project to a minimum I have found what causes this problem.

If I Activate the "Enable ClickOnce Security Settings" I get the error, if I disable this feature it compiles correctly.

The test project can be downlaoded at:


In the project Right Click on the "Cypher" project and activate the "ClickOnce" security settings and you will see that the "TestCypher1" project now fails with the error message above.

Hope this helps other people out there.

Could not find file 'Microsoft.Windows.CommonLanguageRuntime, Version=2.0.50727.0'

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