I'm currently developing a Windows application and I wanted to use some OCX controls compiled for VB6. I installed the VB6 SP5 runtime, registered the OCXs (using admin permissions), and tested successfully the compiled demo programs for those ocxs. In VC#, I added the controls to the toolbox and as soon as I drop a control on the form, VC# tells me the ActiveX control cannot be be imported. In the Solution Explorer panel, the references to the OCX interop assemblies as well as an assembly called STDOLE, appear with an exclamation mark. I tried by many ways to import the STDOLE2.TLB to the project, and VC# adds it to the solution explorer with a exclamation mark. I'm using Windows Vista and VC# Express SP1. Any ideas

Re: Visual C# Express Edition Can't Import STDOLE2.TLB in Visual C# Express (running on Vista)

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Hi rafo,

My suggestion is to try to use Aximp.exe command tool to convert your .OCX control into a Windows Forms control and then add it to the ToolBox of VS.NET. Furthermore, drag & drop the control to a form in a C# application and check if it works for you.

Try to check out this MSDN document about "Windows Forms ActiveX Control Importer (Aximp.exe) " for more details - http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/8ccdh774(VS.80).aspx

If you have any issues when trying my suggestions, please let me know. Thanks.

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