I built a Visual Basic Express application on an XP system with Office 2003. Before building the app, I downloaded and installed .Net 2 and VSTO, and reinstalled Office making certain that the installs for all of the NET tools were checked on all the Office applications. I eventually published the application on a CD and installed it on the XP machine. No problems;ran well. Then I tried to load my application on a Windows 2000 Professional machine, with Office 2003. I downloaded .Net 2 and VSTO, reinstalled Office and tried to install my app.

I got the following error message> "Unable to install or run the application. The application requires that assembly EnvDTE Version be installed in the Global Assembly Cache(GAC) first." This seems to be a common problem with no answers. How does one install EnvDTE Version in the GAC I have read various forum reports identifying this problem but no one seems to answer the basic question. I badly need to deploy this app in my company. Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Visual Basic Express Edition EnvDTE Version Error When deploying VBExpress app to W2000 systems


If your using VB Express and deploying you application using Clickonce then you cannot write assemblies into the GAC.


"Installation to Global Assembly Cache"

That said,

1. you could manually install the assembly into the GAC

2. Create a bootstrapper package to install into the GAC which is part of you clickonce deployment packages

The following post details some of these.

http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx PostID=997839&SiteID=1

The creation of a bootstrapper package may well be the way to go for deploying without any additional manual steps.