I am a beginer at C#, and trying to create my own windows app.

I am trying to retrive a (steam) game installation path using C#, I am told steam uses the regeristry to find this path, I have found code (C++, i think) to do this, but I am wondering can this be done using C#

Here is the code I have been given:-

ReadRegStr $R0 HKLM "software\valve\steam" installpath

ReadRegStr $R1 HKCU "software\valve\steam" sourcemodinstallpath

It uses registry keys to find the steam install path, so it will always be correct.

My question is can this be done in C# (because im using VB Express for my programming).

If so any ideas how

Thanks in advance!

Re: Visual C# Express Edition Can you help me, with this C# task?

Andreas Johansson

You can use the Registry class to read the registry keys.