I have created a web browser using the web browser component in Visual C#, and I have a menu option "Settings", where the user can change Color of certain things like Status Bar, URL Address Bar, etc. I was wondering if you could save those settings into a txt document or something, and tell the program in the form1_load function to load those settings that the user saved, (because, whats the point of settings that you have to change every single time you open the program :) )



Re: Visual C# Express Edition "Saving" Settings in a Windows Application

Glenn Wilson

The .Net framework has a built in function that can do this for you, it uses the app.config file. I would do a quick search in the documentation on the app.config file. One easy way to get it working is to go the the project properties and go to the settings tab. Buy to get the values in code you should have a look at the doco.