hi all, i have an auto updater that will download the files from an ftp server protected with ID and PW, but idk where to start.

-the auto updater will read a version (1000) in a text file

and on the ftp server there is olso a text file with a version (1001)

but on the text file of the ftp (1001) there it says what files he has to download

now how can i do this in vb

Re: Visual Basic Express Edition download from ftp

Riquel Dong ĘC MSFT

Hi Nightlife,

Based on your post, my understanding of your question is that you need to create an ftp client application. You can use the FtpWebRequest class to achieve this. It implements a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client. We know that any type of FTP requests can be broken down into six steps:

  1. Create a web request for a URL.
  2. Set the login credentials (username, password).
  3. Set the required options and the action to perform.
  4. Upload data required (not used by some actions).
  5. Download data or results (again, not used by some actions).
  6. Close the request (and connection).

When downloading a file from an FTP server, if the command was successful, the contents of the requested file are available in the response object's stream. You can access this stream by calling the GetResponseStream method. For more information about how to use FtpWebRequest class, visit: Hope this helps.

Best regards,