Every time i run my module i get this error message the column mapping from source column 'TotalQty' failed because the data column 'TotalQty' is a computed column.

Re: Visual Basic Express Edition Expresions


I know there are some issues when using computed columns but i have not seen this exact error before. Really the only time i have had any errors was when trying to save a computed column. So i am not sure what you are trying to do with the column. Maybe you are trying to move the column

This is what i have done in the past to prevent computed column errors

I don't use the designer to create the expression, i do it with code.

When i need to do something with the column i remove the expression and then place it back after i am finished.


Me.Database1DataSet.Tables("Table1").Columns("Balance").Expression = ""

your code that causes the error here

Me.Database1DataSet.Tables("Table1").Columns("Balance").Expression = "cash - payment"

If you are trying to do something else with the column then you need to provide some more details and paste some code.