I am developing a windows forms app in Visual C# Express edition, it has a database, and when I am debugging, nothing is being done in the database, and I am sure it is nothing to do with the code. Because all I am doing is creating a database with one table, and just dragging the table (with the datagridview) onto a form, then it runs perfectly, but when I add or delete records, and exit the program, it is not reflected on my DB (which is a SQL Server express DB by the way),

I was looking everywhere, and all I could find was to change the "copy to output directory" propierty of the DB to "copy if newer" but still it doesn't work,

Any ideas why this may be happening

thanks a lot


Re: Visual C# Express Edition Database not updated when Debugging HELP PLEASE

Figo Fei - MSFT


If you are using sql command, see:

If you are referring to dataadapter, see:

If you have specific problem, please give code snippet to check where is the problem.

Thank you