I'm looking for some direction, not sure whats a good way to go. I want to build a dictionary of words and their definition specific to an industry and to be used as reference in a help menu within a program. I do not need it to be used as a spell check library, would like to be able to search for a specific word. Should I build it as a database or text file. Any ideas will be appreciated.

Thanks, IW

Re: Visual Basic Express Edition building dictionary


You could use a text file (as MS Word does) and a RichTextBox:

Get all words

' Get the directionary:

Dim words As String() = _


' Just replace "filepath" with the filepath

Edit the font style

' Change the selected font style

' (of course, you could edit Drawing.FontStyle.Underline to an other font style):

Dim f As New _

System.Drawing.Font(RichTextBox.SelectionFont.FontFamily, RichTextBox.SelectionFont.Size, _

Drawing.FontStyle.Underline, RichTextBox.SelectionFont.Unit)

RichTextBox.SelectionFont = f

Hope that it did help...

Re: Visual Basic Express Edition building dictionary



do you know anything about Linked-lists and Binary trees because I've got search engine that uses this combination :

binary tree with all words listed in it as as SEARCHKEY

each leaf in the tree has a pointer to the first link of a linked list

linked list contains all the files that have that word in it

so my dictionary has a separate file for every word. the files are divided into fields like heading, alt-heading and text

I have two bin-tree/Lin-list combinations, one for heading/alt-heading the other for main text...

so I can click on a word in my wordprocessor, have the computer scan the bin-tree for the word, fetch the filename as it appears in the linked list, load the info and put it to the screen.... auto-magically!

also, since the main text works as well... I can go into the dictionary and search for all the words that have, say, 'greek letter' in their text... and all 24 letters of the greek alphabet appear for me to peruse...

if there is no other easy solution... look into Binary Trees and Linked Lists...

hope that helps