I'm starting to write a small application that monitors incoming/outgoing TCP packets and looks for those with a specific, non-changing, source port or destination port.

The app will then read the TCP data within that packet and process certain parts of it to provide information to a user. (Basically piggy-backing on an existing datastream to provide enhanced functionality)

I have been using winpcap and a VB6 library to do this sort of stuff in the past but would like to move away from VB6 since most of my other software has been already ported to either VB.NET 2003 or directly written using VB 2005 Express.

Does anyone have any experience of using any specific libraries or resources for interfacing the winpcap library and VB 2005 Express.

Thanks in advance,


Re: Visual Basic Express Edition VB Express and Winpcap

Andreas Johansson

There is a project on codeproject that makes the winpcap available for .net, though written in C#.