I have a .vb file with a namespace defined in it.(blah1.blah2.blah3) Now I add it to my project, and I can use it If I specify blah1.blah2.blah3.method(), but I want to import it so I don't have to always type that.

Now I tried 'imports blah1.blah2.blah3', but it says it can't find the namespace, yet it can find it when I type it all out, what am I doing wrong

Re: Visual Basic Express Edition Importing a namespace not working



Often I find that when I want methods in blah1.blah2.blah3'

The thing to is to import blah1.blah2'  which exposes those methods where importing blah1.blah2.blah3' will not.

Also even though you have imported a namespace a separate project preference is also required.