Daniel Corbe


I have an edit control which I'm using as a "log window" IE I have another thread calling SetWindowText() as it runs.

As the buffer grows I want the scroll bars inside of the edit control to be placed at the BOTTOM. I've tried doing this several different ways and it hasn't worked. Those include below. Can someone let me know what I'm doing wrong please Thanks.

int lpMinPos, lpMaxPos;

GetScrollRange(MainWindowLog, SB_VERT, &lpMinPos, &lpMaxPos);
SetScrollPos(MainWindowLog, SB_VERT, lpMaxPos, TRUE);

SetScrollPos(MainWindowLog, SB_VERT, (ULONG)pow(2,32), TRUE);
SetScrollPos(MainWindowLog, SB_VERT, -1, TRUE);

Re: Visual C++ Express Edition Setting the vertical scroll bar position of an edit control

Bite Qiu - MSFT

Try set 'Horizontal Scroll' property of edit control to 'true'.