OK i am a serious newb at all this stuff, I could progran relatively good with c, but it was soooo lame because their were soo little choices of library functions and i didnt know how to create good ones myself. Anyway i want to learn C# to create a program that can be uploaded and ran on web server as an executable runs on a platform, the program would then connect to a website, using some type of color regonizing function and it would find its way to a certain game on that website, it would then accomplish certain tasks on that game through color regonization or maybe something else if you can think of something better. If i wanted to make something like this should i consider learning C#, if so what library functions should i use Or maybe this is not even possible, either way i need some programming help from the professionals guys plz help, thanks.

Re: Visual C# Express Edition What should i do?!?


I think you might be in the wrong place, try the guys over

here. Gooood luck.