Hi all...
When i run my Vc++ application in Debug mode i get "Debug assertion failed" line number 19.....file : afxwin1.inl ..... but when i run in Release mode i don't get this error...I am new to Vc++...I searched on internet and read somewhere that in release mode the Assertion statements are not Checked so this error doesnt arise...Is ther a way that i can disable Assertion checks in debug mode also....

Re: Visual C++ Language "Debug assertion failed"

Andreas Masur

Well....what about the other theory of finding the actual issue and fix it for both debug and release configurations. Although you do not see it while running the release version, it does not mean that the issue is gone necessarily, But it can hide such as corrupted data, a memory overwrite that leads to further issues later on and many other things. your application inside your debugger and when the assertion occurs, take a look at the call stack. Scroll until you find the first occurrence of one of your own functions and take a look at the corresponding variables.

For additional information you may want to take a look at the following:

      Re: Visual C++ Language "Debug assertion failed"

      Pintu Shukla

      Delete your Debug Files . Rebuild your Project Once again. Now Perform step by step Debugging in your Code as Already suggested by in above post. to Track out exact error take a help of CallStack , Watch and Memory window