I need to develop a VC++ application to copy a folder to a pendrive without the help of driver.

Can any one suggest me in doing this

What are the APIs that can be used

Thanks in advance

Re: Visual C++ General Copy folder to a pendrive

Re: Visual C++ General Copy folder to a pendrive


Thanks for the suggestion.

In the function there is a pTO parameter ( Pointer to the directory to which the folder has to be copied).

Here I am not having any directory, having only the device handle.

Could you help regarding this

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Ah that's what you mean by "without a driver". Well, as far as I can tell, that'll be virtually impossible. Without any kind of filesystem driver, you'll have little or no way of placing the files on the pendrive, let alone set the filesystem specific parameters for each of the transferred units. Your only alternatives, as I see it, is 1. use the driver which (probably) is on the pendrive, or 2. write your own driver (sounds like more work than it's worth).

I'll have to add that I haven't looked extensively at how the pendrives actually go about doing the initial driver installation (whether they use a default driver or not), but generally you'll have a hard time putting files there without an assigned drive letter. It's obviously not impossible (given a filesystem driver), but I doubt that this forum will bring you dramatically closer to a solution for that.

Re: Visual C++ General Copy folder to a pendrive

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Re: Copy folder to a pendrive

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