I want to use the HID as a driver to communicate to a simple peripheral. When I call the 'HidD_GetHidGuid' function I get the subject error. If I run 'dumpbin.exe' on the 'hid.dll' the entry point is there with that name!

I'm using the 'hid.lib' in 'winddk\3790.1830\lib\w2k\i386' in the linker and it builds okay. If I run 'dumpbin.exe' on 'hid.lib' the exported names are listed are decorated. I would understand if the error listed the decorated name '_HidD_GetHidGuid@4' as the name that couldn't be found.

I have the include files 'hidsdi.h' and 'hidclass.h' bracketed with 'extern "C" {}'. I get no errors or warnings when I build the project. I'm really confused.

Re: Visual C++ Language Unable to find an entry point named 'HidD_GetHidGuid' in DLL 'HID.DLL'.

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Re: Unable to find an entry point named 'HidD_GetHidGuid' in DLL 'HID.DLL'.

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