Hi all,

  I have a MDI application in which I want to display bitmap in  view ( Base 
class is CScrollView) with Scroll bar using GDI+, later I want to mark some 
part of the image.

So plz tell me how I can draw a bitmap with Scroll bar.

Thanks and Regards


Re: Visual C++ General Draw bitmap using GDI+


You'll have to draw the bitmap (in an onPaint or similar handler), then offset it by the position of the scrollbars. As for the marking, you will have to implement that yourself -- possibly through drawing a border or rectangle onto the displayed bitmap as the mouse is dragged above it.

Have a look at http://www.codeproject.com/vcpp/gdiplus/doodle.asp, or snoop around codeproject.com / codeguru.com for more examples.