I am trying to compile a program in VS 2005 which i converted from VS 2003. I am getting the following error.

Error 3 fatal error CVT1100: duplicate resource. type:MANIFEST, name:1, language:0x0409 CVTRES

I believe it is complaining about some duplicate resource, but I couldn't find what resource is duplicate. Any help will be appreciated.



Re: Visual C++ General Compile error in VC ++ 2005

Holger Grund

It tells you that there are two resource of type RT_MANIFEST, probably with the same ID - as it should be valid to have more than one. Chances are, you have a hand-written manifest - likely to bind to Common Controls v6, which enables visual styles - from your VC 2003 project. VC++ 2005 has builtin support for manifest generation and you should probably prefer the /MANIFESTDEPENDENCY switch to generate manifests (usually via a #pragma comment (linker) in your source code).

That said, you can still merge in existing manifest files with /manifest option for mt.exe (IIRC, it's under "Input & Output" for the "Manifest Tool" in the IDE Project settings).

Whichever way you do it you should then remove the manifest file from your resources. It's likely in the non AppStudio section. IIRC, it's "Resource includes" in the context menu of the .rc file in Resource View or the Resource Editor window.

mt.exe will then merge your existing manifest with the /MANIFESTDEPENDENCY switches it sees in the runtime library files and embed it with the correct resource id in your exe.

Also note, that this is not a compiler error.


Re: Visual C++ General Compile error in VC ++ 2005


awesome, this fixed it.