Ok, so I've re-built two VS6.0 C++ apps (one Service, one MFC GUI). I made changes where breaking-code in CRT made it necessary. Managed all the security aspects of this 'update' (strcpy() -> strcpy_s() etc.) and produced clean builds for all configurations. However when I install the apps on an 03' Server and attempt to launch either one I receive the following error message:

Error Message

This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect.
Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

What configuration is this message refering to

I've installed the VS6.0 version of both apps and they work fine. I've installed the VS'05 versions on an XP Pro workstation and both work but have an access violation (corrupted heap) on exit.

Anyone encounter similar behavior What is the best approach to porting from VC6 to VS'05

(This question may have already been asked on this forum and if so, please forgive me, but I'm too lazy to search through the entire forum. Point me to the thread if you know of one...)


Re: Visual C++ General Re-Building VS6.0 apps with VS'05?


A few different things can cause that error.

The most likely, IMO: you're using Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 to compile these apps, and you haven't packaged the necessary redistributables to get it to run on a machine (viz, 2003 Server) where VS2005 SP1 isn't installed.

Please take a look at the Visual C++ Libraries/Deployment thread at the top of this forum (it's sticky). Then to the VC++ blog to get more details. Distribute the appropriate merge module or vc_redist or go the private assembly route.

Hope this helps.

Re: Visual C++ General Re-Building VS6.0 apps with VS'05?

Re: Visual C++ General Re-Building VS6.0 apps with VS'05?


Thanks for the link. Although I had to dig a bit deeper, it pointed me in the right direction. The need for a dependancy Manifest in the install folder is foriegn to us VC6.0 -> VC2005 types I guess.

Thanks for both answers...

Re: Visual C++ General Re-Building VS6.0 apps with VS'05?

Simple Samples

I have also used VC 6 and VC 5 and previous versions including VC 1. Manifests are new for us. I know about them mainly because other people have problems with them and I read the questions and answers here in these forums. Otherwise I would know very little about them in spite of having worked with VC 2005 for more than a year. When we generate a project the manifest is also generated so we don't need to know about them for generated projects. I assume you did not generate the projects using VS 2005. I don't know if it will provide manifests if a VC 6 project is converted to a VC 2005 project but if that is what you did then you know the answer.