I need to develop a Windows application (by myself, pretty much from scratch) and I'm looking for some tips on how/where to get started. I'll be using C++ with Visual Studio 2005. The app will require several different threads collecting/analyzing data and performing I/O. It doesn't require a gui; a text output window is fine.

I'm an experienced (11+ years) C and C++ programmer with predominately an embedded and unix background. I'm fluent in C++ and unix-style system functionality like threads/sockets/device I/O, but weak on GUI stuff, general Windows programming, and Windows-specific system call implementations. I did a teeny tiny bit of straight Petzold-type Win16 API programming back in the Windows 3.0 days, and more recently had to twiddle with a rickety old MFC app. I don't really know anything about .NET. So in terms of modern Windows software development, I've got a lot to learn.

Basically, the first part of what I'm asking here is what the best starting point might be for me in terms of technologies (Win32, MFC, .NET) It doesn't seem like the standard Win32 Console Project will be conducive to the threading. Should I stick with a straight Win32 Project, or do I want/need to use an MFC Project here or maybe .NET

Beyond that what are some good books/online resources to learn that stuff and to serve as a reference (Ie: If .NET is the way to go, what are some good books to learn it from )


Re: Visual C++ General How to learn VC++ Windows development? Use MFC? .NET? Good books/sites?

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In a Windows environment, what you call a "text output window" is usually called a console program. In other words, for Windows, a program that conforms to the C++ standard is a console program. A console program can use other Windows functions such as multithreading. You might want to use the libraries for multithreading and other things. I suggest not using MFC; it is probably not useful enough for what you are doing to spend time learning and such. I don't know about .Net, which is essentially now called CLI/CLR. There is a separate CLI/CLR forum that you can use to ask about it.

The following should help; you can do other searches and such as you need. url=search.xqy field=subject&term=MS+Windows

Re: Visual C++ General How to learn VC++ Windows development? Use MFC? .NET? Good books/sites?

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