I wanted to make some backups from my source but the portable backup device has limited space and copying needs long.

In order to save some space I wrote a script which will delete all folders with name Debug or Relesae. I think I don`t need that folders because I can recompile my source.

What about .ncb files Them are quite big. I think them have basically just some informations which speed up reloading the project. If I delete them I need more time starting my project the next time, but no informations are lost forever. Is this correct

Re: Visual C++ General question about backups and .ncb files

Ed Dore

Correct. NCB files are built on demand, by the C++ language service (the component that provides intellisense support, and populates the classview toolwindow). It's usually best to not include the .NCB files in your backups, or in your source code control system, because these files can sometimes be dependent upon how a particular machine was set up. (version of the SDK headers can impact what is built into these).

While it might take a bit of time to regenerate the .NCB for larger projects, the C++ language service will do so on a background thread, and shouldn't be too noticible, unless your waiting for the classview to get populated for some reason.