I'm a student, i've been using the express versions of c++ and c# for sometime now, i've just started uni and was happy to find out that i could get the visual studio professional as though msdn academic alliance.

However, i can't seem to install it, i think it's because i have the express versions, but when i uninstall them, the pro version still won't install, and the errors it gives aren't very helpful.

at the moment, i've got a opengl/c++ project to do, most of the examples and tutorials i'm looking at require the platform sdk and MFC.
i'm using vista, so i've got the windows sdk, with the all inportant windows.h, but i believe the MFC is only available for non-express c++, is that right

tbh, i would prefer to use directx/c#, but such is life Sad

my email is if anyone can help with the VS thing or the opengl thing too (doing my head in), that would be dandy.


Re: Visual C++ General VS: Uninstall express/install pro probs

Simple Samples

Probably this question should be in the Visual Studio Setup and Installation forum, but unless you provide the error message(s) it might not be possible for anyone to help in any forum or anywhere else. It "won't work" to just say "won't install" and "the errors".

Re: Visual C++ General VS: Uninstall express/install pro probs


hmmm... yep okay, i've managed to get it up on my old laptop now, seems to be working fine, and it's kinda better know i can keep my development stuff apart from all my fun stuff.... I like the way things sort themselves out in the end Smile

so u can considerer this problem sorted now