Our company just migrated our VC 6.0 projects to VC 8.0. Sometimes, when I modified the code on some dlls and recompile everything. Everytime I try to run the program, the compiler will ask me to recompile some dlls again. It happens everytime and it's pretty annoying. Does anyone have this kind of problem Any suggestion


Re: Visual C++ General VC 8.0 recompile some dlls everytime

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There are many possible causes but most of them occur when the project has a build output specified that never gets built. I am sorry that I don't remember all the possible ways that can happen but something to check for is post-build events. It is possible that a post-build event specifies an output that does not get created by the post-build event. Check also pre-build events and custom builds but I think they are less likely to be the cause.

Another possibility is that a file's date might be incorrect; if an input file (source file) has a date in the future then that would cause the problem.

Another possibility is that the problem will go away if you do a rebuild of all of the project, but your description implies to me that a rebuild won't help.

Otherwise, take a close look at the contents of a project for anything that might be relevant.