Jan Zich

Are there some known limitations of the /Gm option I'm currently working on a larger project, and sometimes I'm having troubles to compile it; especially when I synchronize from our repository. If I do have a problem, I have to recompile everything or use IncrediBuild.

I found only one puzzling note in the MSDN documentation related to limitations of /Gm (about not having mutliple class definitions), but I don't think I'm hitting this problem now.

For instance, I've just synchronized from the repository, and one header file has been updated as a result (and some other files as well). I've checked its modification time and date, and they seem to be correct. But some (I don't know if all) cpp files including this header file have not been recompiled which resulted in linker errors.

Is there a way to look inside the idb files to see what dependency information is there

Maybe this is some specific problem related to our project. Does anybody have similar experience


Re: Visual C++ General /Gm minimal rebuild liminations

Bite Qiu - MSFT

Hi Jan,

A most well known limitation is that /Gm doesn not compatible with /clr switch, but apparently this is irrelevant to your case. Is it happens consistently after synchronize from the repository Could you find a way to reproduce the behavior