when I try to type persian language in Textbox (VC 6.0), I see the unmeaning characters.
( my keyboard language is Farsi in this Mode)
but I haven't this problem in VC.Net 2005.
I have very little information about "Codepage" , "Charset" and "Unicode".

what should I do
How can I start ( about "Codepage","Charset" and "Unicode" ).
thank you very much.

Re: Visual C++ Language Unicode & TextBox in VC 6.0

Bite Qiu - MSFT


Re: Unicode & TextBox in VC 6.0

I read an article the day before that trying to cover the minimum knowledge a programmer should know about unicode and character set:

Since you already have those keyword, this is a good place to start with, search those keywords in Google and hopefully you will get enough information that you need to know.

If you have further questions, I would like to recommend you to post them in win32.programmer.ui newsgroup since Visual C++ Language forum is dedicated to the language specific questions and so that not dealing with UI issue.



Re: Visual C++ Language Unicode & TextBox in VC 6.0

Marius Bancila

As a side note, the correct terminology in Win32 and MFC is "edit control" not textbox. That is the term in .NET's WinForms, imported from VB.