Roman Kharko

I am using CHtmlView to browse pages of CRM web system. There are many cases when user can invoke popup windows from main window . I use

OnNewWindow2(LPDISPATCH FAR* ppDisp, BOOL FAR* Cancel)

event handler to assign ppDisp new value from created child window with another CHtmlView instance

m_pWnd->m_pView->SetRegisterAsBrowser( TRUE );

*ppDisp = m_pWnd->m_pView->GetApplication();

The PROBLEM is when I close child window I can't invoke popup window clicking on any link in main window anymore. Only when I call refresh of main window I can invoke popup windows. This is not applicable for my project and I search for other solution . I think the problem can be in assigning new value to ppDisp but I don't know how to solve it

Re: Visual C++ Language CHtmlView problem with popup windows

Brian Kramer

There is a newsgroup dedicated to MFC questions:

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