Everytime i wanna download the platform SDK for Windows XP it doesnt work Sad
I've tried to dowload the ISO download, the full download and the web install, but none of them seems to work Sad
I use Firefox, but i also tried it with IE, which doesn't work eitherSad This is what happens:
When i click download, it doesn't start downloading, so i click the link, then i get the message:
In IE: "The page can not be loaded",
And in Firefox: "The server is taking too long too respond"
I've tried to download this thing for 3 days now Sad

I hope any of you can help me, because this annoys me!


PS: I dont know if this is the best forum to put this, but i dont know where to put it else

Re: Visual C++ General Can't download Platform SDK

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This is actually not a programming problem; I think it is no different from problems downloading other software. So try asking in a newsgroup or forum for Internet Explorer non-development support.

Note that the Windows (Platform) SDK is available on DVD (CD-ROM ) for free except for shipping. It will take a couple of weeks or more but you will at least have it. The problem of downloading is of course something you should resolve and I sure understand that you want to do that.

Check to ensure that the problem is not that pop-ups are blocked. I think the downloads use pop-ups and if they are blocked then the downloads will not work.

I do have problems downloading using IE but not in the manner you are experiencing. When I am unable to downlaod something using IE I use a freeware utility called wget. It works nearly every time but it is a command-line program and it's options are confusing. If you can figure out the options then wget is likely to work even if IE does not.