After conversion of a VS6 project to a VS2005 project, the linking broke down with a fatal error as some "libcimtd.lib" was not found. libcimtd.lib is no part of VC/lib (but libci, libcmtd are).

LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'libcimtd.lib'

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How do I resolve this issues

Re: Visual C++ General linking error - libcimtd.lib

Chuck the Code Monkey

This can happen if you are using the older style iostream libraries (which were in libcimtd.lib) instead of the newer style. If you have any:

#include <iostream.h> or #include <fstream.h>

Change them to #include <iostream> and #include <fstream>

With the use of the newer style standard libraries, standard headers no longer have a .h. Also check any older Standard Template Library code (#include <vector.h> -> #include <vector>, #include <list.h> -> #include <list>

If doing this introduces build errors, try adding a line:

using namespace std;

near the top of every file (namespaces are only in scope within a single file) that uses the code from those headers (near the top, right after all the includes). All the standard library classes (iostream, STL, etc.) are now in the std namespace.

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