I've been working on a small remote management project. The purpose is to start a commandline render process on remote system from a "server".

I've managed to connect to the clients, and I've also managed to start processes as for example "mspaint.exe" and "calc.exe". When trying to start the render process it seems to work, but after a while the process terminates on the client system before the process has finished. The timespan differs from time to time, and from client to client, but in general is about 10-30 seconds. I've been thinking that it might be some kind of timeout, but I believe it should have resulted in the same timespan every time, right The "mspaint" and "calc" processes doesn't terminate.

One of the clientsystems reports an error before terminating:

This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way

The other systems doesn't report this error, but just silently kills the process. I've downloaded a hotfix from microsoft to fix the "runtime termination" error, without success.

Any idea would be greatly appreciated, I'm kind of stuck on this issue!


Re: Visual C++ General Remote management issue

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You don't define "render process"; I assume it is something you wrote. Have you debugged it locally

It is unlikely the cause is remote execution, at least not the direct cause. I doubt that anyone has any useful suggestions. The problem is likely specific to your application.

How do you connect That is relevant only for debugging ourposes; if you use TCP/IP then hopefully you can similate the environment for testing purposes by using the loopback address ( ) to have the client local.

Re: Visual C++ General Remote management issue


Sorry I left that out.

The render process I'm starting is a commandline render tool for Autodesk Maya, written by Autodesk. The tool is working perfectly while running it locally.

The only thing my remote tool does is to write a string, i.e "Render c:\myScene.mb" and execute it as a process on the remote system. This corresponds to writing the string in cmd locally.

I've also tried launching a locally placed .bat file which includes the string, with the same result. I suppose this is, as you mentioned, specific for the application, and I realised that it would be hard for anyone to help me out. I appreciate your effort, though.

I'm connecting thru the LAN using System.Management, which uses the WMI in some way.

Re: Visual C++ General Remote management issue


Hi again,

I've now tested launching the application remotely using PsExec, with good result. When doing this the process was kept alive until it was finished. When trying to repeat this step in my own program it fails, producing the "Runtime termination" error mentioned above.

This leads me to the conclusion that something has to be wrong when I'm starting the process using System.Management.

Therefore, I'm curious if anyone has any input on starting processes via the System.Management class, that I should be aware of. I would also appreciate any other ideas about how to start processes remotely using a different method than System.Management.

Any hint in some direction could save my day!