Jim Fr

In VS2005 SP1, "Goto Defintion" sometimes works fine, other times it takes me to the declaration, not the definition. Sometimes it brings up a long list of possible definitions for me to choose from (as versions previous to VS2005 would do) where there should be no reason to ask me. This is happening even on normal class method names.

Sometimes deleting all target files including the .BCS file and rebuilding eliminates the problem; sometimes it doesn't.

I had the same problems before installing SP1. How can a basic feature like this still be broken

Re: Visual C++ General "Goto Definition" sometimes doesn't work


It's unfortunate, I agree. It's been that way for quite some time, and while I'm sure its on their (MSTF's) radar, I don't know if much work is being done to fix it. Seeing as it's an interface problem, rather than part of the compiler or libraries, you are more likely to see this fixed for Orcas.

If you wish, you may report it (or add to reports already made) at http://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio.

Re: Visual C++ General "Goto Definition" sometimes doesn't work

Jim Fr

I searched the bug list for "goto definition" and didn't see it, which seems very strange given the bug has been around so long. Someone must have reported it by now.

Re: Visual C++ General "Goto Definition" sometimes doesn't work

Ayman Shoukry - MSFT

Just in case, please report the issue through http://connect.microsoft.com

Also, please reply back with the bug link.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to log the issue!

Ayman Shoukry
VC++ Team