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I'm new to Visual C++ and am having ridiculous problems with running my applications on other computers besides those with Visual C++ express edition. It really shouldn't be this hard to run a simple .EXE, and I've spent over two days going through MSDN articles to correct the numerous errors that occur when running these programs on other machines. My question is very simple: is there any way to avoid the .NET framework entirely and compile under the standard means generally taken by old Win32 compilers The majority of the computers I want to run my programs on don't have the .NET framework at all, and it's ridiculous for me to ask every one of my users to download and install the runtime distributable package just so they can run one EXE. Is there any way to avoid this nightmare, or am I forced to use .NET with Visual C++

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I currently use VC2005 Team Edition. I've been a user of every version of MS's C/C++ products since Microsoft C version 4. I've been writing C/C++ software for 26 years, and have made my living doing that exclusively for the last 17.

I've never written a .NET program.

I think that's a "yes"

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If you use .NET's Interface or classes, you can't.

There is a way to distribute .NET application.

This page will help.


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If you use the .NET libraries then the target machine needs the .NET framework installed. If you distribute with an installer from a CD then it is fairly painless, otherwise it's like needing a larger version of Flash player. It comes with Windows update as long as the end-user has a valid serial.

You don't need to use .NET, you can simply continue using native code. The .NET libraries are very convenient though, and there are a lot of nice components available for it.

The good news is that it comes installed with Vista, so within five years everyone will have it!

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You should also bear in mind that the resource editor in Express only works with .net projects. If you want to go back to native win32 development with MFC or the old Win32 resource editor you need to pay for VS.

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Simple Samples

Isn't there a separate forum for the Express Edition You would get better answers there.

Note that the .Net framework needs to be installed only once and will likely be needed eventually for each system.

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There is a way to link the program without using the external runtime DLL files. Under the project properties choose C/C++ -> Code Generation -> Runtime Library and select either Multi-Threaded or Multi-Threaded Debug. If the program you are using accesses .NET then this will not work.

There are other things to consider like Unicode. If you are trying to run the program on a Windows 9x system then you'll need Microsoft Layer for Unicode.

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Add to Sdi's comment, the only thing you need to do is choose the right project template, projects like windows form, CLR are not free of .NET framework. For an existing project, you can make sure the project settings in: Project | Properties | Configuration properties | General | Common Language Support; has set to "No Common Lanuage Support". This setting makes your applicaion to be native and free to be managed by the .NET runtime. My other concern is probably you have encountered deployment issue when the application is distributed to target machines which are missing the required libraries or with incorrect versions, in this case, I suggest you to read deployment related articles in MSDN to help address the problem: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/zebw5zk9(VS.80).aspx

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