This post is for any who are searching for a fix for their ICE in a similar situation. Using Visual C++ 6.0

// The second provides support for statements such as
// if (*iterator == 0)
T* operator*()
{ ......

This was part of a nested template class in a .h file.(class iterator inside another template class) The "operator" line generated an ICE.
The fix was totally accidental. All I did was move the entire project directory to a new drive. (Different drive letter and different physical drive.) I told VC to open the old workspace so it would purge from the recent file list. When I re-opened the workspace from the new location and hit F7, the error was gone. I'm sorry I can't replicate the exact error message but I was surprised at its disappearance. This is not the best fix, and I've had ICE's in many different projects with this kind of template code (VC doesn't like template code) *shrug* Perhaps moving to a different path on the same drive would work too, I don't know.

Re: Visual C++ Language FYI, internal compiler error with template code + resolution

Brian Kramer

VC6 is old, old, old. :)