I need to embed an Internet Explorer browser into the application I am developing (I¡¯ll call it myApp). The embed IE browser should not have a Navigation Bar.

The IE browser should run inside myApp¡¯s main window.

The application is not currently MFC and trying to change it to MFC will take a lot of time and debugging.

I used the CreateProcess() functionality, but this will open a IE window that runs in the Desktop, outside myApp¡¯s window.

I¡¯ve trying to use OleCreate() but I can¡¯t get it to work because I am not sure how to define the REFIID and ppvObject parameters. Probably there are other parameters that need to be defined and/or obtained.

I¡¯ve been looking for a good C++ Code Example but after a couple of days I couldn¡¯t find any.

How do I embed Internet Explorer


Re: Visual C++ General Embed Internet Explorer into another window

Sheng Jiang