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hi everyone,
This is anurag from india. I hv a query related 2 win32 API.
Can anyone tell me why an application should call SetWindowExtEx() before SetViewportExtEx() ( with MM_ISOTROPIC mapping mode ofcourse)
In my code, with MM_ISOTROPIC mapping mode, i can't c any difference is made even if i call SetViewportExtEx() before SetWindowExtEx()
Can u illustrate this thro' any sample code which i can run 2 find out the difference
Actually, my point is that the actual values of viewport n window extents don't matter as long as the ratio remains the same.
So, wht difference will it make if we change the calling order of these fns
Plz let me know soon.

Re: Visual C++ General reason for calling SetWindowExtEx before SetViewportExtEx

Damien Watkins - MSFT


Re: reason for calling SetWindowExtEx before SetViewportExtEx

Such questions are outside the scope of this forum - for the scope of the VC General forum please look at: PostID=19445&SiteID=1

The more appropriate place for your question is probably one of the Win32 newsgroups: url=/MSDN-FILES/028/201/015/topic.xml