Syed Babu


I'm facing a strange problem with MSVC6.0.

I'm having a vc++ project which is having nearly 500 cpp files and corroesponding header files.

But I'm not able to work on this project using MSVC6.0.

The problem is MSVC6.0 hangs randomly ( During saving the project,whenever i change the active project, whenever i edit the code ).

Its giving the "Not responding" message on the title i have to close and open the project again.

Sometimes even if i open the project also visual studio is not responding.

If i open some 3-4 times its responding.

I'm not able to predict when it hangs.

I have completely rebuilt the project also but no use.

i have reinstalled vc6.0 and I have installed the latest service pack ( i believe sp6 ).

I'm having visual studio 2005 also in my machine.

Can anyone of you suggest me how to resolve this issue.



Re: Visual C++ General MSVC 6.0 Hangs frequently


VC6 is no longer supported by Microsoft, and as such not covered by this forum either. For future queries, please visit the VC newsgroups at

It's likely for this problem to be caused by a problem within VC6, so if you're able to -- consider importing and upgrading it to VC2005.

As a test, however, have you tried opening the project in VC6 on a different computer