HI all,

I want to write a program for transfering my "CSV" file into a server.Can any one help me to solve this using FTP .

It will be highly appreciated, if you provide code samples.

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Re: Visual C++ Language File transfer using FTP


Have a look at the examples linked from the FtpWebRequest docs at MSDN.

This forum doesn't cover such APIs or libraries, though, so if you wish further guidance I suggest you head over to the SDK or networking newsgroups at http://msdn.microsoft.com/newsgroups. Also, the MSDN docs should be your first source of information in such issues. If you do a couple of searches there, or on sites like codeproject.com / codeguru.com, you'll find your source examples instantly. Forums such as this one (or better yet: the sdk / networking newsgroups at msdn) should be used for specific issues, if you can't get a piece of the technology to work. Search, try, then ask Smile