I write word 2007 add-in.Then I create installation package.Then I install this add-in on other PC. Then try to add add-in in word settings(select dll or manifest) them I have error = not valid word add-in!

How I can install add-in in client PC

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Installing word 2007 add-in

Maarten van Stam

Could you give some more details on what you have and what you try to do

- What is the OS and Office version at the client machine
- How did you build your addin, is it a VSTO addin
- If so what is your OS/Office Version/Visual Studio Version/VSTO version used
- Be more detailed on the error (exact error message, and when does it occur)

Al of this information is important before someone can answer your issue.

-= Maarten =-

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Installing word 2007 add-in


Client PC - Windows XP SP2,Office 2007 trial.
Yes it is VSTO addin.
(Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the 2007 Microsoft Office System SE and
Visual Studio 2005 team suite)

My problem :

I created Setup package and install it in client PC then I can't see any add-in in word.But if I run add-in from Visual Studio all good.
If I try add add-in(all or manifest) I have this situation:

PRB: Visual Studio .NET Shared Add-in Is Not Displayed in Office COM Add-ins Dialog Box

A Visual Studio .NET Shared add-in may not be displayed as expected in the Add-ins list in the Microsoft Office COM Add-Ins dialog box.

The COM Add-Ins dialog box also contains Add and Remove buttons. If you attempt to add the .NET Shared Add-in by clicking the Add button and browsing to the managed .NET DLL file built for the .NET Shared Add-in, you receive the following error message:
Path of add-in is not a valid Office add-in.

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Installing word 2007 add-in

Darryn Lavery -- MSFT


On the end user machine you will need to install .NET, VSTO runtime SE and ensure that the PIAs are installed. You will also need to ensure that the solution is trusted also. Details of the VSTO security model are documented here (along with links to walkthroughs).

Please also check this article on how to extend the setup project that is automatically created when you create an add-in project. LinkID=57779

It is written for VSTO2005 / Office 2003 -- we are currently updating it for VSTO2005SE / Office 2007. The SetSecurity custom actions works for both VSTO 2005 and VSTO 2005 SE.

Thanks and regards,

Darryn Lavery [MSFT]