Prodigal Son


I am a newbie and just wanted some more information for an excel add-in I am looking to create. The information seems to be out there somewhere but I am haviong trouble finding out exactly what I need.

I am to build and excel 2003 add-in that looks at the timesheet information that is submitted by resources into project server. The add-in will then be used to create various reports.

My intial idea was to log on remotely to the server and get a copy of the project files (.mpp), save them as xml files and then use this xml information in the add-in. Further investigation allowed me to stumble upon PDS which by my understanding would allow me to add SOAP commands in order to retrieve the xml information without having to create files on the server.

What is confusing me is the use of PDS. Is PDS a feature that needs to be switched on on the server or is it on by default If it need to be switched on how would this be done and would it pose any security risk to the project server data as PDS allows reading and amending of project server data.

I have used the PDStest utility to try and retrieve data but I am getting incorrect login error message (error 5002) each time. I have admin access rights on the server and I have been told that the server uses windows authentication. I can log on fine via web access but not via PDS, why is this

Thanks in advance for looking at the query even if it seems really simple.


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Help with PDS communication with project server 2003

Cindy Meister

This forum is targeted specifically at the VSTO technology and doesn't cover general Office support. Your question concerns Project server, it appears Then the best place to ask would be a Project newsgroup. Here's the link for the Server newsgroup dg=microsoft.public.project.server&lang=en&cr=US