Thierry Nenin

Hi all,

So far I am concerned by deployment of Office Code Behind solutions, i was really happy to have found two great technical article addressing all issues about making a complete setup with a bootstraper to install all the prerequisite.

But as those valuable ressource adressed all VSTO 2005 issue (installing runtime, language pack and so on), what's about VSTO 2005 SE

Sure that the runtime of SE does not have the same product code and also maybe not the sames arguments on the command line...

It is already evident that there are no more language pack...

Then, those two wonderful articles and the dowload that you can find with them are obsolete...

I have already spended few days seraching for an updated package.xml for the VSTO Runtime SE in order to be able to make a reliable bootstraper.

Can anyone at Microsoft give us those needed information in order to really be able to enhence the deployement of VSTO 2005 SE Solutions by non technical end users You know, such person that are not able to understand that they have to install vstor.exe before your product can work...

I would really appreciate to can fix this issue. I already have found the produt code with a little vbs script that give me info aboutall install product on my computer, but I have no idea about what kind of arguments i have to give to vstor.exe to be able to install it with a boostraper...

TIA, and excuse me for my poor english but it is not my mother language.


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Setup project for VSTO 2005 SE

Dennis Wallentin


VSTO is per se a platform that primarily target large corporates with a 100 % controlled IT-platforms. These corporates also have IT-departments with high technical skillness and knowledge who also roll out MSI-packages on a regular basis. This group don't make a call to MSFT in order to solve simple MSI-distribution's issues.

I assume that the two articles You refer to are:

Deploying Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office Solutions Using Windows Installer (Part 1 of 2)

Deploying Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office Solutions Using Windows Installer (Part 2 of 2)

Both these two articles also assume that we know how to create bootstrappers in a snap, i e "This step assumes you have prepared the development environment."

The latest book on VSTO - VSTO for Mere Mortals(TM): A VBA Developer's Guide to Microsoft Office Development Using Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office - "gracefully" avoid the subject of bootstrappers & deployment by refering to these two articles.

From the above I fully agree with You and also understand Your frustation.

In this context it exist two questions:
Q1: How to create customized bootstrappers to easily incorporate in VSTO MSI files
Q2: What are the ComponentIDs for VSTO.EXE and Office 2007 PIA

It exist a superb and easy to use tool that also offer more advanced topics (if required):
Bootstrapper Manifest Generator
An introduction to the tool is found here:
To download the tool: id=ddb4f08c-7d7c-4f44-a009-ea19fc812545

You will be surprised that You can add own a customized bootstrapper in less then 5 minutes :)

It will be nice if MSFT have the time to provide the ComponentsIDs for 2007.

I hope that the above will at least give You the tool to create a working solution. Please don't forget to add the following fix to the project as well: Install it on Your developing machine and it will then be available among the prerequisites.

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Setup project for VSTO 2005 SE

Thierry Nenin


First I thank you about taking care of my "frustration"...

I also thank you for your recommendation about the fix that i have to include in the bootstraper.

You have correctly adressed two issues in deploying vstor with a end user setup. I will follow your links about the manifest generator, it would be surelly easy to use such a tool even if the xml syntax of those manifest are quite easy to understand.

You also adressed the fact that Microsoft does not provide any information about the component IDees of VSTOR SE and Offic 2007 PIA and your are right when you say that it would be very friendly from Microsoft to give us more information on the subject... as they did for VSTO (the two articles you mentionned)

But there is still an issue for which i can't still find an answer.

Even if VSTOR have been targeted to corporate with IT specialist, I would be very glad to be able to find at least a document that describe more in depth the command lines arguments (if there are) that can be used to deploy any way (hand or automatically) this runtime. There is nothing that explain just a bit of this exe... like can it be installed as an administrative install or so on.

On the other hand, I do not totally agree with the fact that VSTOR is adressed for corporate with IT specialist just because we are ISV Microsoft certified partner and poeples from Microsoft push us to integrate Micorosoft office in our end user solutions... This could require that a simple end user for which the computer is just a tool to help him in doing his job (i.e. in this particular case, pharmacist who use a POS software and who don't care about how it works...) have to install by himself a little peace of his big puzzle. This require a very very smooth install process to earn time and furstration. This also mean earning time for our clients and earning time for us.. This mean also money...

You know, for many other package, sp, or fixes, the download page or just a readme.txt often describe those base functionalities... Why not for VSTOR and potentially millions of poeples that could have to use office integrated solutions as the main idea of Office for develloper home web site recommand

Just what i want to have is a little more documentation about VSTOR.exe, for the rest, I will explore by myself as I did from now more then twenty year of developping solutions on other system when Bill was just sitting on his school chair...

It's like to having a Ferrari but without start button...

Now, don't worry about my thoughts and the way i figure them. As i already mentionned, english is not my mother language and it's somtimes diffcult to be really understood by other poeples when you wrote...

Again, I really thank you for your answer because you pointed the fact that Microsoft would be friendly giving a little bit more information about VSTOR as they did perfectly for many many other feature. And I enjoy developping solutions for Office, I am really of those who are convinced that solutions behind office can target millions of poeple on the earth...


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Setup project for VSTO 2005 SE

Thierry Nenin

Hello all,

My previous post have not to be considered as an answer to my intial question...

I have still issues to resolve in order to provide a correct bootstrapper for VSTO SE installs:

  • I would like to have the component ID of vstor.exe confirmed by anyone from Microsoft
  • I would like to know if vstor have arguments on the command line in order to be correctly intergrated in a bootstrapper
  • I would like to have the component IDees of the Office 2007 PIA in order to correctly check if they are installed or not.

Once i will get answers for those precise issues, this thread could be closed as answered.

Thank in advance to everyone that is able to inform me about those issues.

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Setup project for VSTO 2005 SE

Dennis Wallentin


MSFT has recently published an updated article about VSTO deployment which also include the requested IDs:

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Setup project for VSTO 2005 SE

Thierry Nenin


Thank you, I'd just also saw it and decided to close this thread.

This is the final answer.

Also thank to MSFT.

Kind Regards.

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Setup project for VSTO 2005 SE


Hi Dennis,

The bootstrapper tool is no longer available. Can you direct me a different URL from where I can download the tool.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Setup project for VSTO 2005 SE

Dennis Wallentin

Hi Raaja,