Hi all,

I was trying to write a script for Word 2003 sp 3 on Windows XP sp2 in python, but when I run he script I get the error:

COMError: (-2146822220, None, (u'Programmatic access to Visual Basic Project is
not trusted.', u'Microsoft Word', u'C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\OFFICE1
1\\1033\\wdmain11.chm', 25548, None))

I looked in the knowlegde base article dealing with this problem and there was said that I just have to enable "Trust access to Visual Basic Project", when I looked in the settings this checkbox was already ticked, but I still get the error above.

Any help much appreciated!

Thanks a million,


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Programmatic access to Visual Basic Project is not trusted

Cindy Meister

I'm afraid this falls outside the scope of the VSTO forum. VSTO is a particular Visual Studio .NET technology.

Your best bet would be one of the office.developer newsgroups, as listed in the "Please Read First" message at the top of this forum. You might also try testing on a system without SP3 installed. There have been numerous reports of "odd things" with that SP...