In develop office2007 ribbon, We know gallery can put many item, Example

<gallery columns="2" rows="10" id="gl" itemHeight="40" itemWidth="40"

label="MyG" size="normal">
<item id="item1" label="G1" />
<item id="item2" label="G2" />

It has getItemLabel method!

public string g_GetItemLabel(Office.IRibbonControl control, int index)

I wan to know how to write this method get Item label name Example "G1", "G2" etc


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office gallery's GetItemLabel issue

Cindy Meister

Since this forum primarily supports the VSTO technology, and RibbonX is available to Office generally (not specifically VSTO), you might have better luck getting assistance in one of the office.developer newsgroups. See the "Please Read First" message at the top of this forum for a list. You might want to do a Google Gruops search on these groups to find the one with the most discussion on Ribbon.

another good resource is the information and forum at