Hi every one,
I created an Office Com Addin project in visual studio 2005 (File>new project>other project types >Shared Add-in),the OS is winXp and I have Office 2003 .
I would like to debug my project and I put break point in Connect.vb over "OnConnection Sub" ,but when I run my project,word is opened but I can not trace my project ,running is not return back to my project ,I mean break point is not work correctly and I think there is not any link between my Addin project and word ,I don't know what is the reason of this problem.
I would appreciated for any help .
yours sincerely,

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office How can I debug Office Com Addin Project?

Carlos Quintero MVP


Test this:

- Create a new Shared Add-In for Word in VB.NET and check the "I would like my add-in to load when the host application loads"

- Put a breakpoint on the OnConnection method.

- Go to the Debug section of the Project properties pages and set the Start External Program to the location of the winword.exe

- Debug the add-in. Word starts and your breakpoint is hit.