Oleg Krupnov


Could someone please give me the link where people could upgrade from Office 2003 Standard Edition to Office 2003 Professional Edition

I've tried to find that link myself on the Microsoft website, but they seem to have replaced all links with Office 2007 links.

My users are yet not ready to upgrade to 2007 but still would like to use my VSTO customizations, so I'd like to suggest them upgrading to 2003 Professional.


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Upgrade from Office 2003 Standard to 2003 Professional

Douglas H. Troy


If you've developed VSTO 2003 document-level customizations (e.g., Word), these will work in Office 2007; and in most cases, with minor changes.

I developed a significant VSTO Word 2003 document-level customization, and have it running on both 2003 and 2007. My only real problems reside on the Tablet PC implementation, because of some specialized Toolbars I create ... but that's about it.

Something else to consider, asking your clients to spend money on Office 2003 Prof. only for them to have to later purchase Office 2007, seems like an added expense that your clients shouldn't have to endure. Also, this is just an FYI: VSTO solutions for Office 2003 required Pro. but under Office 2007, any edition supports VSTO customizations (there is a post, somewhere in this forum, from a MS employee that discusses this very point).